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Plot 1: Simsmagic is still talking to Rath. Rath is a bad person

Match #1 - Buscus Championship: Zore vs. Boob Marley vs. Gryph Hammer vs. Interrupter Jones Edit

Winner: Gryph Hammer

Plot 2: Junpei wants to be in a flaming tables match

Match #2 - Flaming Tables: Junpei Hyde vs. Midnightlight Edit

Winner: Junpei Hyde

Plot 3: JamieTheD comes up to Pyroi and accuses him of eating everything. Turns out somebody is living inside Pyroi???

Match #3 - One on One: JamieTheD vs. Pyroi Edit

Winner: Pyroi

Plot 4: Simsmagic is still talking to Rath. Rath is still a bad person (There's a pool filled with children's tears and LSD)

Match #4 - One on One: Simsmagic vs. Atsl McFluffybottom Edit

Winner: Simsmagic

Plot 5: Punchy seems to be a little out of it, Nuffkins appears, there's a dick pic apparently? I dunno. Nuffkins the Human wants to talk to PETA

Match #5 - One on One: Punchy vs. Stichez Edit

Winner: Succinct and Punchy

Match #6 - Co-comm title match: Lazyfire and Immortan Joe (c) vs. kalonZombie and Heavenator Edit

Winner: Lazyfire and Immortan Joe

Non-canon Match - 4 Man Elimination: Eclectic Tastes (A) vs. Oblivion943048930 (B) vs. Flamander (C) vs. Referee Joe (D) Edit

Winner: Flamander