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Match #1 - Buscus Brawl: Midnightlight (c) vs. anilEhilated Edit

Winner: anilEhilated by Submission

Plot: Eclectic Tastes, Dash Rendar, Interrupter Jones and IGgy all announce their dumb stables.

Match #2 - One on One: Boob Marley vs. Interrupter Jones Edit

Winner: Interrupter Jones by Pinfall

Plot: BNF tries to take the titles from Immortan Joe, seeing as his partner is dead. Joe refuses. He instead opts to defend the co-comm titles in a handicap match

Match #3 - Finisher Match: Flamander vs. Gryph Hammer Edit

Winner: Gryph wins by finisher

Plot: For some weird reason Eclectic Tastes and Punchy are being interviewed, Punchy doesn't want to kick someone's penis and ET has some stupid reason to want to fight Punchy again.

Match #4 - One on One: Punchy vs. Eclectic Tastes Edit

Winner: Punchy wins by punches and pinfall

Match #5 - One on One: Divine Coffee Binge vs. Grim Darkflame Edit

Winner: Grim Darkflame wins by Pinfall

Plot: anilEhilated talks about some conspiracy he just made up in the ring. He is removed by the Security.

Match #6 - Co-Comm title match: Immortan Joe and Nobody because Lazyfire is dead vs. Cat & Food (Sterv and Simsmagic) Edit

Winner: Immortan Joe wins by Pinfall, holy shit!

Match #0 - Cena Match: Flamander vs. John Cena Edit

Winner: John Cena wins by Submission after being hit by the worm twice.