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Scene: Emperor Palpatine is in the ring, welcoming people to his new revived SLW, announcing he's going to beat Joe easy because he can't get lucky twice and he has no partner because Lazyfire is dead boohoo. Joe then comes out and tells Palpy Lazyfire is gonna wrestle despite being dead and a ghost.

Match #1 - Triple Threat: FinalGamer vs. Stichez vs. Oblivion4568238 Edit

Result: FinalGamer submitted Stichez.

Scene: Pyroi and Punchy are being interviewed concerning their upcoming match. They both claim they are the best at punching but Punchy insists that he really doesn't care. The person from within Pyroi speaks up too, detailing that they've been in fights before and are pretty good at punching.

Match #2 - One on One: Interrupter Jones vs. Simsmagic Edit

Result: Interrupter Jones Spinterrupts Simsmagic (pin)

Match #3 - No DQ, no submission, Falls Count Anywhere: Eclectic Tastes vs. IGgy IGsen Edit

Result: IGgy pins ET

Scene: ET hangs his head in shame, having lost to IGgy, who wasn't even wearing pants, was a heavy blow for him and one of the most shameful things he's been involved in. Whatever, he's kinda down and decides to take a break and return to his home planet (Earth). Will he return? No one knows. No one but him.

Match #4 - Last Man Standing: Succinct and Punchy vs. Pyroi Edit

Result: Pyroi knocks out Punchy

Match #5 - Co-comm Title Match: Immortan Joe & Lazyfire (c) vs. Emperor Palpatine & Galen Marek Edit

Result: Somebody submitted somebody. It was the team with Lazyfire who won. Fuck yeah.

Match #6 - Six Woman Elimination Title Match: EEEvil (c) vs. Aurora vs. DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Cutie Mcfluffybottom vs. Pvt. Scott vs. Grim Darkflame Edit

Result: Aurora wins by a staggering amount of suplexes. (Submission, but we don't talk about that)

Scene: A pre match interview with Boob and Heyman is happening. Paul Heyman is about to talk down on Junpei but Boob interrupts Paul Heyman, announcing that this is his greatest moment. Boob says this is not about the belt, this is about defeating the man who beat John Cena.

Match #7 - Superstar Title Match: Junpei Hyde (c) vs. Boob Marley Edit

Result: Junpei submits the submission specialist.

Match #8 - LPFWA Championship 2 out of 3 Falls, No DQ, No Count-out, No Submission, Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell: Flamander (c) vs. Frederick Hope Edit

Result: Flamander proves he is worthy of being the champion!

Scene: After the match Palpatine enters the scene with the Money in the Bank briefcase, telling everybody that he's gonna cash in. He attacks Flamander and pins him, but before the ref counts to three the screen fades to white and magic happens.

Match #9 - LPFWA Title Match: Flamander (c) vs. Emperor Palpatine Edit

Result: Super Legendary Worm


Non-canon Match #0 - The Legend vs. The LPFWA Superstar: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Dash Rendar Edit

Result: Dash Rendar gets stunned. Stone Cold prevails.