Forum Name Flamander
Ring Announcer Name? Commander Platinum
Billed From? Wherever He Wants
Debut 2023-07-25
Ring Intro Music

Our Hisou Tensoku

From Forum(s) SA
Status Active
Impression Face
Current Stable Order of Radical Athletes
Biggest Ally Eclectic Tastes
LPFWA Champion

2023-10-24 - present

Member of Co-Comm Team
Team Kickass
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Basic description

In LPFWA Season 2 Edit

Special Moves & Finishers Edit

Non Royal Rumble Record Edit

Date Opponent(s) Type Result Record 1v1 Record Notes
2023-11-14 Emperor Palpatine Justice Win 3-5-0 3-3-0 (50%) 2nd defense
2023-11-14 Frederick Hope 2/3 No DQ Hell in a Cell Win (2-1) 2-5-0 2-3-0 (40%) 1st defense
2023-10-24 Frederick Hope Standard Win 1-5-0 1-3-0 (25%) LPFWA title match
2023-10-03 Atsl McFluffybottom & Galen Marek Handicap Loss 0-5-0 0-3-0 (0%)
2023-09-12 Gryph Hammer Finishers Loss 0-4-0 0-3-0 (0%)
2023-09-06 Gryph Hammer, anilEhilated, Palpatine Grand Debate Loss 0-3-0 0-2-0 (0%)
2023-08-15 anilEhilated Standard Loss 0-2-0 0-2-0 (0%)
2023-07-25 Frosty the Dragon Standard Loss 0-1-0 0-1-0 (0%)

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