Current ChampionsEdit

LPF Kawaiiest Superstar Co-Comm BlackOut Buscus
Immortan Joe
Flamander Aurora Junpei Hyde Immortan Joe Flamander Zore

Potential ChampionsEdit

LPFWA #1Contender Kawaii #1Contender Superstar #1Contender
Grim Darkflame
Nobody! Grim Darkflame Nobody!

About LPFWAEdit

The Let's Play Forum Wrestling Association (LPFWA) is a video series hosted on by IGgy_IGsen based around the Let's Play Forum community. It's directly inspired by bazza87's Video Game Championship Wrestling. Much of the show's writing comes from conversations various users have in the LPF Skype Chat.

Following a year-and-a-half long hiatus, LPFWA is returning! The new season takes place ten years after the last one and very little has changed.
List of wrestlers
List of stables
List of Season One shows
List of Season Two shows

Latest activityEdit

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