The first stable to be founded as a response to Eclectic Tastes stable. This stable is intended for all admirers of Dash Rendar, past, present, or future--except Galen Marek who apparently thinks he's good enough to do without Dash. You wanna become the next big thing, Marek? Let's see you do it without me. LET'S JUST SEE IT!!!


Not wanting to feel left out, IGgy also formed an ORA stable.

List of Members Edit

Dash Rendar
Walter Dee

Pending Invitations Edit

To be frank, the only person needed to run the ORA stable is Dash "The Man, The Myth, Our Lord and Saviour" Rendar. However, this is an inclusive community and welcomes all fellow Dash admirers. Please send all applications to The Outrider care of Leebo.